“Chanakya’s Two Crores” – A Story of Planning & Success

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Once Chanakya needed a large sum of money to fund an important project for his kingdom. He approached the king and asked for a loan of two million gold coins. The king hesitated and asked Chanakya how he planned to pay such a large sum.

Chanakya replied: “Just give me six months and I will not only repay the loan but also double the amount.” Impressed by Chanakya’s confidence, the king agreed to lend him the money.

Chanakya went to the market and bought grain worth 1 crore gold coins. He stored them in a warehouse outside of town. Then he invited all the merchants and businessmen of the kingdom to a meeting and announced that he would sell the grain at half the market price. This caused quite a stir in the market and everyone rushed to buy the grain from Chanakya’s storehouse.

As the demand for grain increased, so did the price.Chanakya continued to sell the grain at the same price and made a profit of one million gold coins in just one month. He then reinvested the profits in the same way and made more profit every month.

Within six months, Chanakya not only returned the two million gold coins, but doubled the amount as promised.

The lesson of this story is that with the right strategy and planning, great success can be achieved even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. It also emphasizes the importance of taking calculated risks, having confidence in one’s abilities, and having the courage to take action to achieve goals.

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