CHANAKYA NEWS : Govt. of India has decided to prepare a new series of Consumer Price Index for Industrial Worker.    Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013, as approved by the Union Cabinet in its meeting    Damages in personal injury and defamation cases to rise by 10%.    SC reserves verdict on Lalu\'s plea seeking transfer of fodder case.    HC refuses to vacate stay on Army officer\'s promotion.     
  QUOTES : A man is born alone and dies alone; and he experiences the good and bad consequences of his karma alone; and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode. Chanakya     
"Chanakya Drishti" is an initiative of "Sons & Friends of India" a registered Trust. Today when the world is on the brink of another world war it is only the Indian philosophy and Indian thinking that holds the key to world peace. But we cannot expect the world to follow us unless our own house is in order.
Law in modern era holds a very key position and "Chanakya Drishti" is an initiative to improve the current legal scenario in our society.
The motive behind publishing the magazine in Hindi is to initiate more participation of general public in the process of law making & its enforcement. Our law making process has negligible contribution from the general public and even the lawyers are generally not quite aware of the laws in the making.
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जिला स्तरीय न्याय व्यवस्था
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कानून की शिक्षा का राजनीतिकरण
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SC gives voters the right to reject
भारत में बाल श्रम के खिलाफ राष्ट्रीय क
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omney rejects White House effort to compare Mass. health law rollout to ObamaCare.
शटडाउन: अमेरिका को सता रहा है जासूसों के बिकने का डर
Cuba has admitted being behind a stash of weapons found on board a North Korean ship seized
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Supreme Court reserves its Judgment in PIL seeking recognition of Transgenders as a third gender
Provision Related To Children In “Constitution Of India”
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Family Law
Domestic voilence
पारिवारिक अदालत दे सकती है बाँझपन की जाँच का आदेश
तलाक के आदेश खरीदे नहीं जा सकते
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50 रुपये के लिए लड़ी लम्बी लड़ाइ
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The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000
पुलिस कब बिना वारंट के किसी व्यक्ति को गिरफ्तार कर सकती है ?
अपराधी प्रवृतियों को चारों तरफ से घेर
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Motor Vehicles Act 1988
Railway compensation
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डेंगूः बेहाल मरीज
क्षय रोग(टी.बी) खतरनाक है लाइलाज नही है।
मधुमेह (डायबिटीज़)
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Taxation law
Pen Drive(Income Tax)
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Banking law
Bank law
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Company Law
Company Law Judgement
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Property Law
Power of attorney
आवासीय भूमि पर नर्सिंग होम
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India Through Ages
Swami Vivekananda and the Indian Freedom Struggle
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Present India
दबंग डॉलर रोता रुपया सिसकता सेंसेक्स
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Midday Meal

Is midday meal: Poor quality and bad management?



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